October 4, 2010

Early reactions to facing the Twins

When I found out the Yankees would face the Twins in the ALDS, not the Rangers, I spent a whole bus ride back to Quinnipiac from New York City thinking about the matchup.

But before I get into my points, here’s a look at what a couple of my Twitter followers had to say.
twins reactions

Looks like we have two differing opinions here. I think Mike’s take is a little more accurate. Here’s why:

The Yankees went 13-17 in September/October. That’s why they are the wild card, and the Rays are the AL East champs who get home-field advantage until the World Series.

I think Mr. Old Reliable (aka Andy Pettitte) is the key to the series. Without a quality start from him, whether it be Game 2 or 3, the Yankees will need to put a lot of runs on the board to out-hit one of the hottest offenses in baseball.

CC Sabathia and Robinson Cano must continue to do what they’ve been doing all year, and I think Alex Rodriguez can also be relied on to have a big series, but that trio can’t beat the Twins all by themselves.

P.S.: The last time the Yankees had a losing record in a month prior to this September was August 2008 (13-15) — via Twitter.

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