October 5, 2010

Yanks ALDS rotation released, A.J. absent

Joe Girardi waited until game day to announce his rotation for the ALDS. Like last year, the Yankees will go with a three-man rotation. CC Sabathia for Games 1 and 4, Andy Pettitte for Games 2 and 5, and Phil Hughes for Game 3.

Some may have hoped Hughes and Pettitte would’ve been switched, as Pettitte has had a slow return from the DL and Hughes has looked relatively sharp down the stretch.

Here are all their final lines for the season:

Sabathia 21 7 237.2 3.18 197 1.23
Pettitte 11 3 129 3.28 101 1.27
Hughes 18 8 176.1 4.19 146 1.25

The Twins are calling on Francisco Liriano for Game 1, Carl Pavano for Game 2 an Brian Duensing for Game 3. Pitchers for Games 4 and 5 aren’t set in stone.

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