October 19, 2010

Jeter’s right, offense is the problem

Just let the captain speak:

“We have confidence in everybody,” Derek Jeter said. “But regardless of who is pitching, we've got to score runs. I don't care who is on the mound. If we don't score, then it's kind of hard to win games. Yeah, we have confidence in A.J. He'll be ready and come out and hopefully we can score some runs.”

He’s right.

The Yankees have scored an average of 0.11 runs in the first six innings of the first three games this series. It’s not as easy for Yankee starters — any starters — to pitch when trailing in ballgames. In the first three games, no Yankee starter has pitched with a lead.

If the Yankees want to advance to their second straight World Series, they’ll need the offense to step up.

I’m off to Yankee Stadium! For live updates, follow my Twitter.

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