October 20, 2010

My ALCS Game 4 experience [Photos]

It sparked flashbacks to both the Jeffrey Maier and Steve Bartman incidents. It featured some of the most idiotic postseason management tactics of all time (more on that later today). It saw Mark Teixeira go down with an ugly hamstring injury (he’s being replaced by Eduardo Nunez). Like Game 3, it changed in the Rangers favor on one pitch. Oh, and did I mention it was freezing?

It was the first postseason game I’ve ever attended.

Since the Yankees fell hard, 10-3, the highlight of the night actually came before the game started. Our bleacher seats were located about 15 feet away from Cal Ripken Jr. and the rest of the TBS pregame crew. After the show ended, Ripken stayed behind for about 25 minutes signing autographs.

10.19 Ripken

Total class act. I had heard he always gave time for the fans, but I had never seen him in person before. I caught him early when there weren’t as many fans, but I still felt bad a little when a swarm of fans came over after. Then again, I think he and every major leaguer owes it to the fans.
10.19 Ripken Sig

There it is right on the back of my ticket. Thank you, Cal, for signing, and thank you, Fletch, for taking me.

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