October 7, 2010

Why instant replay is NOT today’s big topic

Mariano Rivera should have had a 1-2-3 ninth last night. Yankees right fielder Greg Golson made a shoestring catch on a Delmon Young line drive for what should have been the final out. BUT, the six postseason umpires met and determined Golson trapped it. Instant replay clearly showed after the call the umps had missed the call.

This gave Jim Thome a chance to tie the game with one swing of the bat. Luckily, and you’ll see why I’m saying luckily in a second, Thome popped up to third to end the game.

IF Thome had homered and the Twins went on to win Game 1, instant replay would’ve been the major news today. No question about it.

Last year when umps called Joe Mauer’s line drive foul in the postseason, it was a game-changing call and the instant replay debate exploded the next day.

Still, I stand by my take on this debate. Instant replay should not expand any further than it already has. Keep it for calling home runs correctly, but don’t add it for calls on the bases and don’t even think about adding it for balls and strikes.

I know there are plenty out there who disagree with me, but please tell me why you do in the comments.

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