December 24, 2010

Three reasons why Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon will not be Yankees

If you haven’t heard, the Yankees have been linked to both over-the-hill outfielders. Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon just don’t fit with the Yankees.

The first major problem: both are old left fielders. Brett Gardner is in complete control over this position defensively, and I have good reason to believe he should hit leadoff for the Yankees next year (see team-leading .383 OBP in 2010).

The second major problem: the Yankees don’t need a DH. Jorge Posada is signed for $13.1 million and he is set to be the primary DH next year with Russell Martin stepping into the starting catching job.

The third major problem: both free agents are likely to demand a lot more money than they are worth. Yes, the Yankees DO have money to spend, but why spend it on a player who has no clear role as a starter?

Enough with these two clowns: The Yankees need a cheap, right-handed backup outfielder to replace Marcus Thames. Thames is “still in the mix,” according to Brian Cashman, but his weak defense makes him an unlikely option.

I like the idea Chad Jennings hinted at — trade for Red Sox spare outfielder Mike Cameron. He’s a perfect fit: great defense, speed, and a right-handed hitter who crushes lefties.

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