January 28, 2011

Brian Cashman: ‘Why are people bitching so much?’

Part of Brian Cashman’s phone interview with Ken Rosenthal:

“Tell me where we are screwing up on the baseball operations side. I need a starting pitcher, but is the future strong because we have a farm system acknowledged in the industry to be one of the best? Check. Am I getting our payroll down, as charged by ownership? Check. Do we have success on the field? Check.

“What's the problem? Why are people bitching so much? That's my question. That's my frustration. The problem is people having patience with the process.

That is one ticked off GM. And he has every right to be ticked off. The Yankees won it all in 2009 and he put his club in position to repeat in 2010.

Let’s review what he’s done, shall we?

  • No, he didn’t get Cliff Lee, but he did offer him the best deal. He even went out to visit him in Arkansas.
  • He helped form the most intimidating bullpen in baseball by adding Rafael Soriano.
  • He’s handled the catching job to perfection by booting Jorge Posada to the DH, acquiring Russell Martin, and breeding some of the best young catching talent in baseball.

If I were in Cashman’s position, I’d have a big “PAITIENCE” sign on my door too.

Side note: Cashman has had a wild enough offseason to have his own TV show, says Bob Raissman.

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