February 19, 2011

Albert Pujols will never be a Yankee, and that’s a good thing

Mark Teixeira told Joel Sherman he’s “not going anywhere” and I can assure you no team — even the Yankees — will spend $300 million on a DH. Teixeira is signed through 2016, so he’s the Yankees’ first baseman for the long haul.

Albert Pujols will be a free agent after this season because he refuses to negotiate midseason and he couldn’t reach an agreement with the Cardinals before he arrived at camp this week.

I hear some Yankees fans clamoring for the Yankees to sign Pujols and that seriously bugs me. Would you really like it if the Yankees had a lineup of Jeter, Cano, A-Rod, Pujols, Teixeira? If you don’t see how bad that would be for baseball, I really think you need to reevaluate your fandom.
pujols_ptiYes, people care about the perception of the game. That’s why these two “knuckleheads” discussed it this week.

This is a similar situation to Cliff Lee. If the Yankees had signed him, I would not have been a happy camper. When the Phillies signed him I thought that may have been even worse for baseball. Just look at their rotation and tell me the race for first in the NL East isn’t over already.

Maybe my perception is skewed because of my college roommates, who aren’t the biggest baseball fans and tell me there is no parity in baseball, but I can admit the baseball’s parity would definitely be tarnished if the Yankees signed Pujols.

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