February 14, 2011

Poll Results: Andy Pettitte borderline Hall of Famer

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Voters couldn’t reach a consensus in last week’s blog poll, as each option for Andy Pettitte’s chances at the Hall of Fame received similar results. A slight majority said Pettitte won’t make the Hall until his third year of eligibility or later, or that he’ll never make it.

Even though fans couldn’t agree on a clear, main opinion, I think collectively they got it right. Pettitte has to be considered a borderline Hall of Famer.

He never won a Cy Young and is 60 wins short of the 300 milestone, but his several postseason records are very impressive, he does have two 21-win seasons, and he finished in the top 6 for Cy Young voting five times.

I think Pettitte really could have helped his chances if he played this season and surpassed the 250-win plateau. A sixth World Series ring wouldn’t have hurt his chances either.

Make sure to check out what some people on Twitter had to say on Pettitte’s Hall of Fame chances before you hit the comments.

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