February 11, 2011

Larry Rothschild: A.J. Burnett will be different this year

New Yankees pitching coach Larry Rothschild told the Daily News he believes in A.J. Burnett and he’ll have a different mindset on the mound in 2011.

“We're trying to do a few things to make it a habit where when he goes out to the mound he can throw the ball instead of trying to govern himself to throw strikes. Hopefully, it helps him get back on the attack. Confidence will come from that, and the demeanor will be a little different.” - Rothschild

Rothschild had a lot more to say about Burnett in the article linked above. Remember, Rothschild visited Burnett at his home in the offseason to train, meaning they likely developed a good rapport.

Both Rothschild and Burnett want the same thing: success. Rothschild showed he was dedicated to achieving success by training this offseason and now he’s projecting confidence in Burnett.

Here are my four most recent posts about Burnett:

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