April 24, 2011

Is Elias wrong about A-Rod’s six-RBI games?

UPDATE: In reference to the table below, 9+4+1=14. Elias win, Lenny fail. Thanks, TFabp. (Still, Marchand never said “six or more” in his post.)

I discovered this last night when YES Network’s Michael Kay started talking about Alex Rodriguez’s six-RBI games for his career. Kay said he had 14 on the broadcast. ESPN’s Andrew Marchand mentioned the same statistic in a blog post, citing the Elias Sports Bureau.

arod rbiHowever, there seems to be a discrepancy on Baseball Reference (see right). I think both Kay and Marchand were fed false information, because, like one of my Twitter followers pointed out,  Baseball Reference shows A-Rod has exactly 14 five-RBI games.

For the record, Baseball Reference says A-Rod has nine six-RBI games.

Maybe I just don’t know how to use the Play Index section correctly.

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