May 24, 2011

Ambidextrous Yankees prospect Pat Venditte isn’t alone

Remember Pat Venditte? Check out ESPN Chicago for a video of Ryan Perez, an ambidextrous pitcher for Westminster Christian (via CC).

Perez can throw a fastball, changeup, cutter and curveball with both arms, and he's been clocked at 90 mph right-handed and 87 mph left-handed.

"To them, it's so weird," said Perez, whose father began teaching him to use both arms as a toddler. "To me, it's natural."

The question I have for both Perez and Venditte is this: Are you more valuable as an ambidextrous pitcher every game, or by saving one arm so you can pitch the next day? If the pitcher is good enough with both arms, then he becomes more valuable if he saves one arm so he can pitch more frequently. Am I right?

Venditte is struggling in Double-A this year compared to his sparkling numbers with High-A Tampa last year.

It will be interesting to see who makes it to the majors first: Venditte or Perez? And will they make it as publicity stunts or by actual value as a pitcher?

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