May 29, 2011

Feinsand: ‘No chance’ Felix Hernandez will be discussed at trade deadline

Daily News Yankees beat writer Mark Feinsand made it clear in a tweet to me that the Mariners won’t be entertaining deals from the Yankees, or any team, for Felix Hernandez at the trade deadline.

No chance. I mean, like, zero. RT @lenNYsYankees I think you may have to eat your words in a couple months.

That’s about as adamant as you can get.

In our Twitter conversation, he compared King Felix to baseball’s best aces — Tim Lincecum, Justin Verlander, and Jon Lester — a group in which Felix certainly belongs (his numbers and hardware don’t lie).

Maybe it’s because the Mariners dealt Cliff Lee last trade deadline, but for some reason the Mariners seem like sellers again to me, even though their recent 9-1 stretch has put them over .500.

We’ll see if Feinsand was right when it’s July 31, but my instincts tell me Felix will be on the market. No one is unbuyable.

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KyleLitke said...

I think he's right though. Lee was a couple months from free agency with a team not in contention. Felix is under contract for 3 years after this one. Unless they got blown away (I.e., Montero, Banuelos, Sanchez, Robertson at the very least) it would be really dumb for the Mariners to trade him unless they're blowing up the whole team, which they don't seem to be doing.

Impossible, no, but unless the Mariners are desperate to save money right now (which we haven't heard at all), there's just no reason to trade him now and lots of reasons not to.

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