June 10, 2011

Is it a good thing the Yankees haven’t beaten the Red Sox this year?

Going back to my post this morning, I apologize if it was disheartening. Finding out about last night’s loss to the Sox still irks me. But after thinking about it some more at work, the Yankees have been in a 1-8 hole against their rivals before. Anyone see what I’m getting at yet?

In 2009, the Red Sox beat the Yankees in their first eight meetings. But the Yankees stormed back to win nine of 10 to even the season series, and eventually they won the World Series. It’s hard to explain to you what happened that year. Players who we didn’t expect to step up made a difference. Clutch hit after clutch hit kept the team rolling. Something clicked.

Back to this year. It’s hard to say it’s actually good that the Yankees have one wimpy win against the Sox, but maybe it’ll inspire them. Or something. Try and take your mind off the injury problems for the moment, and trust the Yankees front office to make it right.

Hope this helped ease your pain. (Hey dad, I hope you liked that Field of Dreams reference.)

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Uncle T said...


Let's see if they can "go the distance ".

Uncle T

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