July 9, 2011

Derek Jeter homers for No. 3,000 [Video]

As the clock struck 2, No. 2 cranked a low curveball over the left-field fence for his 3,000th hit. Jorge Posada was the first to congratulate him at home plate and an on-field celebration ensued. Better quality video here.

Derek Jeter joined Wade Boggs as the only player to homer for No. 3,000. Meanwhile, he’s 4-for-4 and vying for the cycle.

The lucky fan who caught — picked up — the home run ball, Christian Lopez, showed a lot of class by giving the ball to the Yankees without a fight. The Yankees gave him several prizes in return, including tickets for the rest of the season through the World Series.

Obviously I will have more on this later. For the time being, congrats, Jeet!

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