July 8, 2011

Red Sox trade targets likely overlap with Yankees’

I compiled a list of players the Red Sox could potentially target for this year’s trade deadline for Boston.com — I’m working there this summer, don’t hate. The thing is, the Yankees are usually competing with the Red Sox to nab the top players available at the deadline, which is why I’m sharing this list.

I put asterisks next to the players who I thought would particularly make sense for the Yankees to pursue.

Carlos Beltran
Jeff Francoeur
Ryan Ludwick
Jeff Baker*
Coco Crisp
Carlos Quentin
Ty Wigginton*
Jonny Gomes
Hunter Pence
Ryan Spilborghs*
Conor Jackson
Derek Lowe
Michael Cuddyer
Josh Willingham*
Heath Bell*
Jose Reyes

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