July 18, 2011

Rockies mistaking Ubaldo Jimenez for Roy Halladay in Yankees trade talks

Starting pitchers are hot commodities at the trade deadline. Always have been, always will be. But, according to Jon Heyman, the Rockies are going overboard in the preliminary negotiations with the Yankees for Ubaldo Jimenez.

how apart are rox, yanks? colo seeks banuelos, betances AND nova w/ montero. nyy says it wont trade any of those 3 w/ jesus

In other words, the Rockies want the Yankees’ top three prospects and a 24-year-old major league starter in exchange for a 5-8, 4.08 ERA pitcher.


Let’s ignore the fact that the Yankees would never consider parting with that much talent for anyone less than Roy Halladay.

The Rockies have all the leverage in this deal, especially with his friendly contract. Also, Jimenez’s numbers can be a bit deceiving. Half the time he gets hit hard in the most hitter-friendly stadium in the majors, and on the road he’s been the brilliant, 2010 Ubaldo. Below are Jimenez’s splits you need to know before debating this trade:

Home 5.89 1.71
Road 2.28 0.90
April/May 5.86 1.52
June/July 2.56 1.12
Oh, and Ubaldo has a no-hitter on his resume, too.

Now pretend you are Brian Cashman and are vying for a World Series championship this season. What do you offer the Rockies for Jimenez?

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