July 18, 2011

Yankees-Rays Series Preview: Meet Brandon Laird

The Rays are probably a bit tired after last night’s 16-inning affair against the Red Sox. The Yankees can catch the Rays sleeping tonight, as the two AL East giants start a four-game series at the Trop.

On the Hill:
Monday: A.J. Burnett (8-7, 4.15) vs. Alex Cobb (2-0, 3.41)
Tuesday: Bartolo Colon (6-5, 3.47) vs. Jeremy Hellickson (8-7, 3.21)
Wednesday: Freddy Garcia (7-7, 3.43) vs. David Price (9-7, 3.73)
Thursday: CC Sabathia (14-4, 2.64) vs. James Shields (8-8, 2/60)

Players to Watch:

Brandon Laird: He was late for batting practice today — he had a delayed flight — but he could make his major league debut this series, and that’s always exciting to watch. Here’s his digital version of the backside of his baseball card (without the cool cartoon you saw on old Topps cards).

B.J. Upton: He crushed the Yankees in the series before the All-Star break and he continued his hot hitting against the Red Sox. Just don’t let him turn on a low fastball, Yankee pitchers.

The Yankees could lose this series 3-1 if they don’t watch out. Hellickson and Price are nasty and the Yankees have never seen tonight’s starter.

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