September 1, 2011

Yankees September call-ups: Jesus Montero and an old friend

Alas, the day has come. The day so many fans finally get their wish of seeing top prospect Jesus Montero dawn a Yankees uniform. And what a debut it would be if he gets any action tonight — against the Red Sox.

Along with Montero, Yankees fans can expect to see Brandon Laird, Chris Dickerson and — you won’t believe this — Scott Proctor! Here’s some required reading for Proctor fans.

What to expect from Montero
I don’t think a whole lot, but Joel Sherman’s report said, “he is going to get opportunities to play and specifically hit, which is by far his best tool. Jorge Posada’s postseason roster spot remains tenuous enough that Montero could have a big September and make himself viable for October at-bats as a DH.”

Let’s daydream for a second, shall we?

It’s the ninth inning, two outs, trailing by 1 to the Sox. Multiple opportunities for Montero to make an appearance have come and gone, but now the Yankees are down to their final batter and need some pop. Eric Chavez just provided the bloop, now the only thing missing is a blast. In comes Montero. And here’s the pitch…

WAKE UP! It’s not gonna happen, but maybe one day it will. Just not tonight.

Montero hit .308/.370/.604 with eight home runs and 19 RBIs in August, so he heated up at the right time. It will be interesting to see how a team coached by a few former catchers use Montero, an uncertain defensive catcher with a big bat.

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