December 27, 2011

100,000 hits ... and counting

While I was slaving away last semester at Quinnipiac not blogging about the Yankees, some faithful readers still kept coming back here. (And I'll be honest, some random Googlers showed up, too.)

Faithful reader or not, this blog you are reading has been visited more than 100,000 times before it reached 3 years old. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This means a great deal to me.

Unlike most journalists, I happen to like math. With some quick arithmetic I can tell you that six-digit number breaks down to about 100 visits per day for 1,000 days. Or four visitors per hour, or one visitor every 15 minutes.

When I first started this blog Jan. 10, 2009, I had no idea if I'd give it up after a day, a month, a year – especially after the Yankees won the World Series – or if I'd ever stop. Even though I stumbled down the finish line – fittingly, as that's how many career milestones are reached – I made it.

Why? Why not just retire on top after that memorable World Series victory? Or those amazing career milestones set by Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez? Well, in the words of Forrest Gump, I just felt like running talkin' baseball.

But it wouldn't have been as fun without you, and I wouldn't still be writing if nobody was reading.

I've interacted with so many people on this site and met so many great people, leading to opportunities I had never have dreamed of.

Thanks again for visiting, and here's to 100,000 more.

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