May 14, 2012

10 early-season surprising stats [Globe]

I'm not your typical journalist. I love statistics. Databases? I eat those for breakfast.

I compiled 10 of the most surprising statistics in the first month of action, and they are available for your consumption in gallery form at Enjoy. And because I love stats so much, you'll find a few surprising Yankees statistics if you continue reading.
  • David Robertson struck out a staggering 13.5 batters per nine innings last year. This year, he's managed to exceed that, whiffing 15.1 per nine. 
  • Michael Pineda has not recorded an inning in pinstripes. His trade counterpart, Jesus Montero, leads the Mariners in homers with five.
  • Derek Jeter is the far-and-away leader in batting average at .372. How long will that last?
  • Nick Swisher leads the team in RBI with 24.
  • Curtis Granderson has more than twice as many home runs as Alex Rodriguez and more than three times more than Robinson Cano.

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