June 27, 2012

Must-see: Dewayne Wise's hidden ball trick

When a player tries to catch a ball that lands in the stands, it should be the nearest police officer's job to make the call. It's his turf, and umpires clearly don't have the better angle.

Dewayne Wise dove into the stands last night in an attempt to catch a fly ball. When he came out, he simply showed the umpire the ball his glove and the batter was called out. Watch it here.

Umpires didn't care to pay attention to a man in a red shirt holding up a baseball, and another guy pointing to him, perhaps giggling at him.
I guess that's because he did such a great job selling it. If only he had a beer in his hands.
But hey, hats off to Wise for leaping into the stands. He went all out.
Still, nothing will compare to this moment.

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