July 3, 2012

Poll Results: Yankees are 'postseason good'

Not World Series good, just postseason good.

That's what the Yankees are, according 76 percent of the voters in my latest poll.

Since I launched this poll, the Yankees' record (48-31) has dropped to second-best in the majors, as the Rangers are now on top at 50-30.
I think you do have to favor the Rangers right now, especially with CC Sabathia and Andy Pettitte inactive. However, with those guys healthy, plus Joba Chamberlain (could be soon) and Brett Gardner, I think the Yankees can definitely make a run at the World Series.

The Rangers and Yankees nearly have an identical team ERA at 3.69 and 3.70, respectively, while the Yankees lead in home runs (124-100) and the Rangers lead in batting average (.284-.260).

I recently wrote of Robinson Cano's remarkable year, but Josh Hamilton is having an even better one. Hamilton's 1.023 OPS leads the American League, as do his RBIs (73).

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