February 2, 2015

Baseball’s most hated player ever: A-Rod or Barry Bonds?

Barry Bonds has the most homers. A-Rod has the most haters. And now we know the two reportedly worked out together this offseason. Watching how the A-Rod Saga plays out during spring training and the season will really be something, especially with the majority of fans feeling the exact opposite about A-Rod as they did about Derek Jeter during his farewell tour.

I don't think Yankees fans generally hate Barry Bonds any more than the average fan. It's not like he broke Babe Ruth's record (Hank Aaron already took the hate for that). But since A-Rod plays for the Yankees and has lied over and over again (while Bonds has simply denied), I believe A-Rod is the most hated ballplayer ever

Brian Cashman re-signed Chase Headley with full intentions of darting him at third base, thereby shifting A-Rod to full-time DH duties. Still, A-Rod had the gall to publicly undermine Cashman's plans by saying he's vying to play third. What nerve.

If money wasn't an issue, A-Rod would be long gone. No matter how talented he may be, the toxicity he brings to the clubhouse doesn't make him worth it. Plus, who really knows how talented he is without PEDs? 

Just in the last couple weeks, look at some of the distracting stories A-Rod has generated:

  • A-Rod meets with Manfred, not Yankees – A-Rod was looking to clear the air with the new MLB commissioner, but the NY Post reports that A-Rod has yet to have a similar meeting with Yankee brass. According to the Daily News, however, the Yankees declined to meet with A-Rod, saying “We’ll see you in spring training.”
  • MLBPA will support A-Rod if Yankees try to void HR milestone bonuses
  • Joe Girardi claims ‘good’ relationship with Alex Rodriguez 
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