February 3, 2015

LINK: How Phil Hughes turned his career around in Minnesota

Phil Hughes quietly had one of the best seasons by any pitcher in 2014 after leaving the Yankees and moving to Target Field. He even set the all-time single season record for best K/BB ratio (11.63). Who knew? Unreal.

But it wasn't really until now when someone finally cared to look into it more closely. That person was Matt Goldman from Beyond the Box Score, an awesome baseball analytics site that I can't recommend enough.

Most people would take one look at Hughes' record and say that Yankee Stadium is simply a much harder stadium to pitch in than Target Field. Sure, that may have been a factor. But, as BtBS points out, Hughes finally figured out an effective pitching style.

Hughes always had great stuff. In Minnesota, somehow he figured out how to use his arsenal most effectively. Would you bet on Hughes duplicating his 2014 success next year? Do all of your baseball betting here.

Here's the game-changing chart, and here's the full article

Keep up the great work, BtBS!

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