July 23, 2010

Fans would be OK moving Hughes to pen

I asked my Twitter followers if they would be for or against a plan to put Phil Hughes in the bullpen after Andy Pettitte returns from injury if the Yankees added another starter at the deadline.

By the way, Fox Sports is reporting the Yankees look like the front-runners to land Dan Haren. Now, I know what happened last time and I know some are still recovering, but I’m going to keep an eye out on this deal just to be safe.

Here were the responses on Twitter:

Consensus: 83% would be OK with putting Hughes in the bullpen, while only @bitty_boop stood up for Hughes. See her proposal below.

Twitter Responses to Hughes to Bullpen

Blog Comment: I would like to highlight the comment Zanath, author of Ballcraft,  made on my original blog post. He gave a detailed response and made a few nice points.

I would only agree with putting Phil Hughes in the pen after he reaches his innings limit. If Pettitte is indeed out until September, then I could see putting him in the pen sometime in that month. I really think the Yanks screwed up with Joba big time, with the to the bullpen and back stuff. Phil Hughes should be a starter until he reaches that limit.

That said, I do think the Yanks need to get a starter. I really don't know if they can win the division with Mitre as a third starter. I could be wrong, but I just don't think it's possible, especially with the way the pitching has been after the break.

Feel free to counter Zanath in the comments or on Twitter.

My Take: I’m surprised at how many people agree with the idea of putting Hughes in the bullpen. I haven’t even conceded the idea that Hughes could be one of the 3-4 starters in the postseason depending on who is healthy.

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