July 23, 2010

MLB sources: Yankees pursuing Dan Haren

The Yankees are interested in acquiring Diamondbacks ace Dan Haren at the trade deadline, according to major-league sources. (Sorry I missed this yesterday, it was a busy day at the office.)

Jayson Stark’s latest report has the Yankees interested in Haren as well as Roy Oswalt and Jake Westbrook.

I think the Yankees should avoid going after a starter at this point, as their best opportunity has come and gone (but that’s why the topic is this week’s poll, see left sidebar).

If the Yankees did acquire a starter, he would replace Andy Pettitte for the time being and then probably boot Phil Hughes to the bullpen when Pettitte returns.

That seems to be this year’s major Yankees debate. Last year it was what to do with Joba, this year it’s what to do with Phil.

So, would you be for or against that plan to stick Hughes in the bullpen after Pettitte returns since the Yankees already would have a fifth starter?

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