April 3, 2015

Results for my 2014 MLB predictions

As you'll see below, one glaring thing from last year's predictions is not a single correct call by me in the AL East. Don't expect that to change next year when we look at my 2015 predictions (coming this weekend). Top to bottom, the AL East is one mediocre division.

As a Yankees fan, I of course loved the Yankees and Red Sox (mostly the Yankees) being at the top year after year for a decade. But this is pretty fun too, I guess: Not knowing whether last year's division winner, the Orioles, will finish in first or last.

Is Betting On Baseball Legal? Don't ask Pete Rose...

AL East 
1. Rays INCORRECT (Orioles)
2. Red Sox* INCORRECT (Yankees)
3. Yankees* INCORRECT (Blue Jays)
4. Orioles INCORRECT (Rays)
5. Blue Jays INCORRECT (Red Sox)

AL Central 
1. Tigers CORRECT
2. Royals CORRECT
3. Indians CORRECT
4. Twins INCORRECT (White Sox)
5. White Sox INCORRECT (Twins)

AL West 
1. Athletics INCORRECT (Angels)
2. Angels INCORRECT (Athletics)
3. Rangers INCORRECT (Mariners)
4. Mariners INCORRECT (Astros)
5. Astros INCORRECT (Rangers

NL East 
1. Nationals CORRECT
2. Braves CORRECT
4. Phillies INCORRECT (Marlins)
5. Marlins INCORRECT (Phillies)

NL Central 
1. Reds INCORRECT (Cardinals)
2. Cardinals* INCORRECT (Pirates)
3. Pirates INCORRECT (Brewers)
4. Brewers INCORRECT (Reds)

NL West 
1. Dodgers CORRECT
2. Diamondbacks* INCORRECT (Giants)
3. Giants INCORRECT (Padres)
4. Padres INCORRECT (Rockies)
5. Rockies INCORRECT (Diamondbacks)

*Wild Card Winner 

AL Champion: Athletics INCORRECT (Royals)
NL Champion: Dodgers INCORRECT (Giants)
World Series Champion: Dodgers, 4 games INCORRECT (Giants, 7)

NL MVP: Bryce Harper INCORRECT (Clayton Kershaw)
AL Cy: Felix Hernandez INCORRECT (Corey Kluber)
NL Cy: Stephen Strasburg INCORRECT (Clayton Kershaw)
AL RoY: Yordano Ventura INCORRECT (Jose Abreu)
NL RoY: Billy Hamilton INCORRECT (Jacob deGrom)
AL Manager: Bob Melvin INCORRECT (Buck Showalter)
NL Manager: Don Mattingly INCORRECT (Bob Melvin)

Yankee Stats 
Masahiro Tanaka wins: 16 INCORRECT (13, he would have gotten to 16 if he didn't get injured)
Jacoby Ellsbury runs: 111 INCORRECT (71, yeesh. Yanks need to score more)
Brian McCann home runs: 27 INCORRECT (23, close one)
Carlos Beltran RBIs: 92 INCORRECT (49, nope)
Mark Teixeira AVG: .241 INCORRECT (.216, ouch.)
Alfonso Soriano strikeouts: 132 INCORRECT (71, but he was on pace for my prediction)
CC Sabathia ERA: 4.72 INCORRECT (5.28, can't get any worse in 2015, right?)
David Robertson saves: 39 CORRECT (how bout that!)
Derek Jeter games: 136 INCORRECT (145, that's pretty remarkable for a 40-year-old shortstop. We'll miss you, captain.)

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