April 6, 2018

Results from my 2017 MLB predictions

Despite all of my reasons the Yankees could fail in 2018, they have the third shortest odds to win the World Series, right behind the Astros and the Dodgers.

Now that the season has begun, let's take a look at how I did on last year's predictions. I hit .260 (13/50).

My most impressive prediction last year was picking the Astros to win it all.

My least impressive? Saying Aaron Judge’s “too many strikeouts will lead to a demotion.” Ha!

AL East 
1. Red Sox CORRECT
2. Blue Jays* INCORRECT (Yankees)
3. Yankees* 
4. Orioles INCORRECT (Blue Jays)
5. Rays INCORRECT (Orioles)

AL Central 

1. Indians CORRECT
2. Royals INCORRECT (Twins)
3. Tigers INCORRECT (Royals)
4. Twins INCORRECT (White Sox)
5. White Sox INCORRECT (Tigers)

AL West 
1. Astros CORRECT
2. Mariners INCORRECT (Angels)
3. Rangers 
INCORRECT (Mariners)
4. Angels INCORRECT (Rangers)
5. Athletics 

NL East 

1. Nationals CORRECT
2. Mets* INCORRECT (Marlins)
3. Marlins INCORRECT (Braves)
4. Phillies INCORRECT (Mets)
5. Braves INCORRECT (Phillies)

NL Central 
2. Pirates* INCORRECT (Brewers)
3. Cardinals CORRECT
4. Brewers INCORRECT (Pirates)

NL West 
1. Dodgers CORRECT
2. Giants INCORRECT (Diamondbacks)
3. Rockies CORRECT
Diamondbacks INCORRECT (Padres)
5. Padres INCORRECT (Giants)

*Wild Card Winner 

AL Champion: Astros CORRECT
NL Champion: Cubs INCORRECT (Dodgers)
World Series Champion: Astros, 6 games CORRECT (7 games, close enough) 

AL MVP: Carlos Correa INCORRECT (Jose Altuve, half a point!)
NL MVP: Clayton Kershaw INCORRECT (Giancarlo Stanton)
AL Cy: Chris Sale INCORRECT (Corey Kluber)
NL Cy: Clayton Kershaw INCORRECT (Max Scherzer)
AL RoY: Yoan Moncada INCORRECT (Aaron Judge)
NL RoY: Dansby Swanson INCORRECT (Cody Bellinger)
AL Manager: A.J. Hinch INCORRECT (Paul Molitor)
NL Manager: Joe Maddon 
INCORRECT (Tony Lovullo)

Yankee Stats 
Gary Sanchez home runs: 27 
Aaron Judge home runs: 18 INCORRECT (52, oof)
Greg Bird home runs: 32 INCORRECT (9)
Greg Bird OBP: .387 INCORRECT (.288)
Gleyber Torres at-bats: 0 CORRECT
Luis Severino wins: 13 INCORRECT (14, close!)
CC Sabathia ERA: 4.95 INCORRECT (3.69)
Dellin Betances saves: 15 INCORRECT (22)
Aroldis Chapman saves: 33 INCORRECT (10)

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